LGEmerick - the woman behind the camera

LGEmerick Leah Gunn Emerick Headshot Kansas City Photographer


I’m Leah and I own this joint. I am a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer (think like getting a cosmetology degree - but for boudoir!), huge photoshop nerd, and generally nice person. I am a big fan of spontaneous singing, have always wanted to be part of a flash mob, and am obsessed with cats. I grew up in Kansas City before moving to Springfield, Missouri and then Los Angeles, California before ending up back in the Greater Kansas City area!

Photography came to me as something that could only be a higher calling, a purpose that I never knew I had or wanted. A life-long artist (drawing and painting before) I learned to transition the understanding of light and color to photography. Now with over half a decade of passion and skill under my belt I am still always searching and striving to learn more. That passion is what keeps me in classes, devouring photo educator blogs, and mastering lighting tutorials. It is what has taken me internationally to photograph weddings, kept me going back and forth between coasts for fine art portraits, and reintroducing women to their inherent, intrinsic worth through boudoir photography.

I am always working towards being my best because you deserve the best.

I am a dreamer, nerd, lover, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and believer. I can’t wait to meet you!