Kiernan & Sean // Kansas City Engagement

It was a strangely hot, sticky October afternoon when I met Kiernan and Sean in the West Bottoms for our epic hangout/engagement photo session. The place was buzzing with avid antique shoppers so we went off to find areas less populated by the maddening crowds. This path was great because it let us explore the impressive Bella Patina, play chicken with a train, and do tequila shots at The Ship (any engagement shoot that involves shots is a winner in my book). There was also an impromptu dance party (I'll let you decide if that came before or after the tequila).

These two, though. They are goofy and smart and sweet and oh my lanta are they crazy about each other. I laughed so much during our autumn session that my side hurt the next day. I can only imagine that their April wedding is going to leave me in much the same state and I have to say I am very much looking forward to that!

Kiernan and Sean, engaged, Kansas City Photographer