Laura & Will // Kansas City Engagement

When I met with Will and Laura, their love of all things Kansas City was evident. Their first date was at a Kansas City Royals game, they said "I love you" first at Burr Oaks (you'll see them walking those woods in these pictures!), so when the list of places to take engagement photos was populated it was no surprise that a lot of Kansas City landmarks made the cut!

From Burr Oaks, to Scout, to Union Station, to the World War I memorial - we ran all over this town! It was a blast and a great way to chase the end of autumn colors back in November.

I think my favorite kind of couple is the kind that know how to make the other one laugh. The kind where they are both just so comfortable with the idea of the other person that they are able to just relax and enjoy life. I definitely get that vibe off of Will and Laura. They are a laugh-a-minute and obviously just love being around each other.

Can't wait to shoot their wedding in just over a month!

Laura & Will, Kansas City Engagement, LGEmerick Photography
Laura & Will, Kansas City Engagement, LGEmerick Photography
Leah Gunn Emerick