Adorable Ice Cream Boudoir // Kansas City Boudoir

I am often asked what boudoir can or should be. I always respond the same way. Whatever the subject wants?

For some that is more stripped down and traditional boudoir imagery. For others it is a sporty, jersey clad session. For others it is more fun, playful shots like these! There is not wrong answer. It is all about what you want and what makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Our Brave Boss Babe R definitely felt great about this session when she asked about doing something that featured one of her favorite foods, ice cream, I had to oblige. How adorable is she?

Boudoir can be customized to whatever you want it to be. That is the most amazing thing about it! It can either be something very sensual or very playful. There is no wrong answer! Boudoir is an expression of who YOU are as a person and should be personalized to show that.

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** all images and pictures shown with explicit consent **

Leah Gunn Emerick