What To Wear To Your Boudoir Session

Your shoot is coming up and I know you are probably freaking out about what to wear! Trust me. It is totally normal to be stressed about what to pack, and I just wanted to pop into your inbox and give you some tips and tricks that will maximize your session. 

We will have time to shoot in three different outfits during your session, and for some that seems like a lot. For others, not enough. No matter where you fall on that scale: I got you, boo boo.
So without further ado...

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(These are all just suggestions and you can take 'em or leave 'em, but hopefully they will get your wheels turning)

Outfit One: The Natural Habitat

Natural Habitat LGEmerick Boudoir

Chances are that you don't normally have your picture taken in any state of undress, so I like to ease you into it. This first outfit is a great place to feature your favorite sports jersey, cosy t-shirt, or slouchy sweater. Have thick, knit socks? Bring 'em. Have an off the shoulder shirt or sweater that makes you feel comfy and cute? Bring it. Love the royals? Bring your favorite merch! This is a great outfit to showcase your favorite things, your personality, and your personal style. 

Outfit Two: The Flirty Bird

Flirty Bird LGEmerick Boudoir

At this point you are feeling pretty good about yourself. I have shown you a few images on the back of my camera and you know that you look incredible so we are ready to take it up a notch! I consider this the most classic of the boudoir looks. It is somewhere in between slouchy and casual and being un-apologetically sexy!

Outfit Three: The Showstopper

Show Stopper LGEmerick Boudoir

So this is where we get really sexy (but remember: sexy looks different to everyone!). If you have an outfit you think you might love but you aren't sure how that is possible because you're feeling a little out of your element, but by this point you will be so relaxed and comfortable in your own skin you will be ready to GO! 

I hope this has inspired you and given you ideas! Remember you can pack as much or as little as you like. Bring a suitcase if you need to! I will go through your options with you and help you pick out the best of everything for each outfit. Remember: This session is 100% customized to YOU. These are just suggestions to point you in the right directions. 

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