A Special Treat for Her Soulmate // Kansas City Boudoir

So when Traci first booked her session with me, there was a bit of a snafu. Somehow my online scheduler showed her a date that was not actually available! So I had to email her apologizing profusely (this has never happened before) and asking her with great sorrow if she could fit in another date or time. I sent her a list of dates and times that I had open and she selected one.

Fast forward a week or so and Traci emails me expressing that her new date now won’t work either! The craziest thing of this story is I had JUST had to reschedule the lady from her original preferred date to another day. Basically Traci was back on for the first date she had always wanted, but now there was only four days before that day was here!

So she obviously took advantage of my Before You Boudoir guide which has a full packing list along with wardrobe suggestions. It helped her feel totally prepared and bring in great selections for her wardrobe on our shooting day!

Traci is a pretty grounded lady. She was in the Air Force where she was stationed internationally and now works as a paramedic. So a last minute boudoir session was just par for the course! During her session she regaled us with stories about how her bucket list includes delivering a baby in a bathtub along with a few more grisly re-tellings of her life-saving sagas. I think it is safe to say that my hair and makeup lady and I were both glad we were not in her field for sure!

I think one of my favorite things about being a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer is all the interesting, amazing, strong, resilient women that come into my studio. Each and every one of these Brave Boss Babes’ has their own story, their own path, that led them to my studio and I feel so incredibly blessed to get to know them and share this slice of their life with them.

Traci brought some awesome options for her shoot! She had tons of amazing tattoos she wanted to show off (which we totally did) while also downplaying any “trouble areas” she wanted to deemphasize (our expert posing takes care of all of this even before wardrobe comes into play!).

Traci also brought a prop that was a book her husband had made for her that was dozens and dozens of pages of all the reasons he loves her! She wanted to return the favor by giving him some timeless and gorgeous photos of herself!

True love, y’all. It is something else :)

Traci in her before and after photo! Look at how gorgeous she is in both.

Beautiful woman in white sweater staring up and away with a book in hand

Beautiful woman in a white sweater with blue underwear staring up and away with a yellow book in her hands, LGEmerick Boudoir Photography

Woman in a Patrick Mahomes jersey stretching forward onto a bed in black and white for boudoir photography by LGEmerick Photography