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And depending on how well you know me you may be aware that that is a big deal.

I haven’t lived in Kansas City for most of my adult life so before I could even go to a lady doctor I had to find one that I could trust. So what did I do? I went into my women’s empowerment, VIP boudoir group on facebook (Brave Boss Babes of Kansas City) and asked for recommendations (because ladies have OPINIONS about this!).

Do you know what I asked for when I asked for recommendations?

I asked for THE BEST.

I didn’t want anyone sticking instruments and fingers up my baby hallway and poking my lady box unless they were awesome at it. There was no way in heck I was even going to ask about price (which is saying something because I am a cash pay patient!) because I knew that I was willing to pay whatever was needed to make sure that the services I received were professional and excellent.

There was no way I would ever ask for a referral for something as nuanced and personal as letting something go up my Cha Cha Slide with qualifiers like:

  • “Looking for someone affordable”

  • “I’m really easy going so they won’t have to work as hard.”

  • “You’ve gone up my friends birthing chute so can I have a discount?”

Would you trust someone with something deeply intimate, personal, and nerve wracking with someone who just does it on the side or is the cheapest option in town?

I think we can all agree that the answer is HECK NO!

Beautiful blonde woman in green lingerie being photographed for a Boudoir Session by LGEmerick of LGEmerick Photography in Kansas City.

You don’t price shop when it comes to your lady bits doctor and the same should go for your boudoir photographer.

Yet again and again I see the same questions and requests (either directly or in groups/posts) . People want a professional boudoir photographer that will give them every single edited digital image and provide professional hair and makeup and shoot out of a studio and, and, and - but…

  • It can’t cost an arm or a leg.

  • I’m looking for a cheap photographer.

  • I don’t really care if it looks good I just want it done.

LGEmerick Boudoir

When you are getting your picture taken in your underwear I can promise you that these are NOT the things you are thinking or saying.

You don’t want just anyone to check our lady parts and we definitely don’t want to be photographed in our most vulnerable state by someone who ‘just takes photos for fun’ or is what we call a ‘weekend warrior’. You do NOT want someone who does not take this SERIOUSLY. You do not want someone who might make your stomach look weird or your thighs bulge or your butt look flat. You don’t want someone who has no idea how to guide you with what to wear, how to wear it, and adjust when necessary. You don’t want someone who can only shoot a size 00 model and nothing else.

  • You want someone who understands women’s bodies.

  • You want someone who can shoot size 00-30 without blinking.

That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to go with a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer.

When you are Certified in Boudoir it is not just about taking a sexy pic. It is about helping a woman see her own created, inherent, and amazing beauty. It is about letting women accept, embrace, and revel in their own skin just as it is.

  • It is about stepping out and saying “My body may not be perfect but I am ready to try loving it.”

  • It is about standing in front of the world is scars and stretch marks and cellulite and wrinkles and laughing and not apologizing.

  • It is knowing that sometime we do not see ourselves in the best light and sometimes we need someone to show us who we are from the outside in.

Boudoir photography is intimate. It is about facing the worst of ourselves to see the best in ourselves (or it is supposed to be).

Boudoir photography is about saying “You know what? I’m WORTH IT” and then proving it to yourself.

And doing it with anyone that is not a Certified Professional Boudoir Photography is just about like going to a Lady Parts Doctor that is the cheapest on the list and hoping they do it right, hoping that PAP smear is right, hoping they sanitized everything and are going to explain everything to code. No. I went there because they were highly recommended, because I was told that they would take care of me, that I would be comfortable and listened to. I went because this was something that was out of my comfort zone, but something I needed. I went because I wanted a good, positive experience where I felt safe, heard, and respected.

I wasn’t just another Pap smear.

I was a woman seeking information about my health and wellness that deserved time and care and respect and experience.

You deserve the same. Not just in healthcare but when you are getting your boudoir photograph taken.

So next time you are in the market for a boudoir photographer remember that there is always someone out there that will do it for cheaper, but for something this personal - intimate - that is not the way to go.