5 Myths About Boudoir Photography // Kansas City Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir photography is probably one of the most misunderstood forms of photography out there. Some people think it is porn. Some people think it is dirty. Some people think it is glamor shots. Some people haven’t even heard of it!

For those of you that have heard, but maybe have never experienced it, you probably have your own preconceived notions about what it is. Well as a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer I just want to chime in a bit on this, too.

Having done this professionally for over half a decade I have heard the same few concerns and worries again and again and again.

Are any of these the reason why you aren’t letting yourself have the amazing, empowering, life changing boudoir experience you deserve?

Check them out!

Myth Number One

You Have To Get Naked


When you hear “Boudoir Photography” often times the first thing that pops into your mind is a Victoria’s Secret catalogue. You think push up bras and lace and not much else when the truth of the matter is that boudoir photography is not nearly so limited. Feeling beautiful and empowered and confident looks different on everyone!

For some that means posing in their favorite cozy sweater. For others it is wearing a great dress and heels. Others still like to dress up in their favorite sports team gear! You can wear jean shorts and a leather jacket and be completely covered and still take the most beautiful boudoir photos. So if getting down to your skivvies is not your number, that is fine! Lots of people feel the same way and you can still have a breathtaking session!


Myth Number Two

It Is Only For People Who Look Like Barbies


Society has really done a number on us as women. We give so much power to our appearance compared to those around us and those we see in the media. We have ever since we were young girls playing with our barbies with their gravity defying proportions and peroxide blonde locks that never went brassy. Somewhere along the line we have convinced ourselves that since we don’t look just like that we aren’t worth looking at.

Well I am here to tell you that is nonsense. You are worth looking at with all your scars, stretch marks, medical devices, cellulite, lumps, bumps, and bruises! All bodies are good bodies and I would love to show you just how amazingly beautiful you are. Screw Barbie. You are better than Barbie. You are you and you are REAL.


Myth Number Three

You Have To Have Someone To Give The Photos To


I have heard time and time again ladies lament that they would love to have an amazing, life changing, empowering boudoir experience but… they are single. They are divorced. They are separated. They have no one to give the photos to when they are done - so what is the point?

Have you ever considered that YOU are the most deserving person to receive your photos?

We as women are so good at thinking of everyone else around us that we often forget that sometimes we need to give good things to ourselves. What could be better than giving yourself the gift of confidence?


Myth Number Four

All Boudoir Photographers Are Created Equal

Copy of BS_BoudoirCertified_Logo-02.png

Look. I get it. There are a lot of people running around out there with cameras calling themselves photographers. Some of them even call themselves boudoir photographers, but just because you call yourself something doesn’t mean it is true. I can call myself a duck all day but I will still just a human. The same goes for photographers.

Photography is a business that has what is called a low barrier to entry. Most people can afford some basic gear and watch a few youtube videos and manage to take semi-decent photos. They then take those photos, start a free facebook business page, and call themselves a photographer with no formal training and no idea how to run a business that insures their clients consistency, quality, and safety.

That is why when you see the Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer logo you know you are getting not only someone who is serious about their business and the photos they take, but they also have had top notch level in education specifically in regards to lighting, posing, and creating the perfect boudoir experience. Not only that, a Certified Boudoir Photographer is always learning, is part of a highly exclusive international mastermind of some of the best boudoir photographers in the world, and is constantly having to meet specific education criteria.

You may be tempted by the cheap photographer down the street that has a nice camera and told you they would take your sexy pic ;) but is that really what you want? Is it what you deserve? I don’t think so.


Myth Number Five

“I Could Never Do That”


As women we have a bad habit of talking ourselves out of experiences we deserve. I wish this wasn’t true, but it is. Whether it is because of how we were raised or what we see around us or the relationships we surround ourselves with - we do our best time and time again to cut ourselves off at the knees.

We are always telling ourselves all the things we cannot do, but I am here to tell you that boudoir is not one of the things on that list.

Here is why:

Because you don’t have to do anything.

All you have to do is show up at the studio and we do the rest. Your hair and makeup will be done professionally, I will help you pick your outfits, I will pose you from head to toe and tell you exactly what to do with your face… you won’t have to think or worry about a single thing! You can TOTALLY do this!

When are you going to get out of your own way?

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