Military Wife Wants To Give Spouse Special Surprise // Kansas City Boudoir Photographer

Being a military spouse is rough. There are so many unknowns, so many uncertain things. It is really a challenge on not only each individual but also the relationship. How do you plan for the future, raise children, just generally function? These are some of the questions I come across when I get Brave Boss Babe Military mamas in my studio.

Obviously I have huge respect for those that protect at home and abroad and serve and love these ladies that want to give their someone a special surprise.

So when this hottie, horse-racing mama came in to my studio with her soldier’s fatigue jacket you KNOW I had to use it! Not only is this BBBabe a grade A hottie she is also the sweetest, most awesome committed mama and totally down for anything. That’s right. I said she is a MOM!

Can you believe it?

All photos shared with permission and knowledge of the subject