Boudoir is not just about photos - it is about a movement

Here at LGEmerick we believe firmly in the inherent power of femininity and the celebration of all things female.
We believe that boudoir photography promotes the idea that a woman's body is her own: not her partner's, not her childrens', not society's, but hers.
We believe that women are allowed to take charge of their identities and their destinies and we celebrate that through boudoir photography.
We believe that women of all ages, shapes, sizes, history, or color are worthy of love, appreciate, and admiration right now.

We believe all women are brave boss babes

Don't believe us? Book a session and let us prove you wrong.


brave boss babe video testimonials

You are more than the number on a scale.

You are more than the words others have spoken against you.

You are brave.

You are beautiful.

You are a boss.

Right. Now.

join the boudoir revolution!