LGEmerick Community Partners


LGEmerick firmly believes that we are stronger together than we are apart so we love partnering with community members that align with our vision and our values. The businesses and non-profits below represent many of the values that we hold dear at LGEmerick including, but not limited to: female empowerment; mental, physical, and spiritual well being; and strong community values. While we do support and love our community partners we know that not everything is a great fit for everyone else. LGEmerick encourages you to do you own research before employing or using any of the services recommended below and does assume any liability for our recommendations.

Honestly. We love these vendors! And we hope you will, too.


Athena’s Armor

Athena’s Armor is a nonprofit organization. Their mission is to empower every female to embrace self-love and to unite all women, young to mature, through the power of self defense.  Strong minds and strong bodies are essential to the women empowerment movement

To learn more about their movement, their self-defense workshops, and how you can best learn to prepare yourself for life click the link below.

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Kathryn Wilkins, MA, PLPC

Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor

It takes courage to walk through the door of a counseling office, and my hope is that clients can experience a safe space without being judged, rejected, or criticized. I value the client as a person created by God with dignity and worth. However, the things that go wrong in our lives can make us feel that our worth, beauty, and purpose are tarnished or nonexistent.  

My style of counseling includes establishing a collaborative relationship with the client that is warm, respectful, and mutually open to feedback. I use evidence-based treatments within a Christian framework while focusing on a holistic approach to invite clients toward growth and health. 

I work with a variety of clients, but my areas of focus include anxiety, depression, post-partum issues, self-esteem issues, family/intimate relationships, trauma, and spirituality.  

I earned my BA in English from Covenant College and my MA in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary. I recently relocated to Kansas City, MO from Austin, TX, but have also lived in Indonesia, Taiwan, Toronto, Washington DC, Florida, and Georgia, among other places. I have over eight years of ministry and counseling experience. 

I am available for sessions at the Plaza location. If you have questions or would like to set up an appointment, feel free to contact me. 

To contact Kathryn, click the link below: