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Boudoir FAQs

Wedding FAQs

Fairytale FAQs

General FAQs


Boudoir FAQs

Beautiful blonde woman with piercing blue eyes laying on white bedding at LGEmerick Photography’s studio

Q: I could never look like the girls on your site. Are they all models?

No! These are all just you average, every-day women (many of whom work and have children!) who gave me written permission to share their images so that women just like you can understand how amazing they can look. Each and every one of them, just like you, were anxious and never thought they could look so incredibly amazing, but they took that leap! Now they go about their daily lives knowing that they have a total Brave Boss Babe inside just waiting to come out!


Q: I need to lose weight. Like. For real. What size is the perfect boudoir size?

Every size is the perfect boudoir size! Boudoir is not about being a specific weight, size, or shape.. Boudoir is about embracing exactly who you are in the moment that you are in and reclaiming your identity and your beauty as it has been created! Boudoir is about loving and accepting yourself in the body you have been given.

Society has lied to us for a long time about needing to look a specific way or be a certain number on a scale in order to be allowed to be loved, appreciated, or attractive. That is the biggest pile of horse poop I have ever heard.

Stunning african american woman with eyes closed on bed smiling in LGEmerick Photohraphy’s studio
Plus sized brunette Caucasian woman laying on bed with lip ring

Q: I am a big ball of awkward and have no idea how to pose! Will you help me?

Girl! That is why you come to me and no one else!

I am a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer and have posed everyone from a size 00 to a size 30 to equally stunning results! You have nothing to worry about when it comes to posing (put that copy of America’s Next Top Model down!). I will take care of you from the tippy top of your head (I am notorious for adjusting hair) down to your finger and toe tips. Ask any of my past clients: I am always tweaking the details so that you look JUST right and don’t have to think about anything!


Q: Do you like ever - uh - touch me?

When it comes to posing and adjustments I may ask to touch your hair or adjust your clothing to make sure you look as perfect as possible, but I always ask first. I believe everyone’s body is their own and deserves to utmost respect. If I feel that it would be beneficial to your posing the overall outcome of your image it may be easiest for me to touch you, but if that is something that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable I absolutely will not.

Q: How much does a session with you cost and what is included?

It’s $300 to reserve your session and that includes:
✨Professional hair styling
✨Professional makeup application
✨1-hour session
✨3 outfit changes
✨Expert posing
✨Same day viewing and ordering of your gorgeous portraits
$100 product credit

You can learn more about my image packages and products by downloading my FREE Before You Boudoir guide.

Q: Will you share my images online?

Never without explicit, written permission.

Wedding FAQs

LGEmerick Photography Wedding

Q: How much do your packages cost?

All weddings are different and there is no good, one-size-fits-all answer for this. I customize my prices based off of what kind of coverage will best fit your event.

My full day wedding coverage starts at $2,500 and goes up to $9,000 with most couples averaging around $3,500. Hourly coverage starts at $450/hr. To get a more accurate quote feel free to contact me.

Q: Is the engagement shoot included?

Only if you want it to be. As I said in the answer above all of my packages are tailored to each individual couple. While I do highly recommend an engagement shoot for a lot of reasons (we can go into that later) it does not always what is best for the couple.

Q: Do you include a second shooter?

Depending on the size, length, and layout of your wedding a second shooter may not always be necessary. In fact there are many cases where a second shooter can get in the way, crowd, or overpower a wedding (especially if it is smaller and more intimate). When you reach out to me I will ask you a few specific questions that will help me determine if a second shooter is a good idea for your ideal wedding coverage.


Q: How Do You deliver the final images?

All the images from your wedding will be delivered two ways. 1.) you will be provided with a gorgeous, mobile-compatible, online gallery for one year that also will allow a single online download of all of your images directly onto your computer of choice. 2.) You will be provided a USB with all of your images to be stored in a separate location away from your computer as backup. Your photos are guaranteed to be edited and returned to you within 8 weeks of your wedding.

q: What steps do you take to ensure I don’t lose my pictures before delivery?

All of the cameras used to photograph your wedding are equipped with dual memory card slots. Each photo taken is duplicated onto the second card throughout the day. Then after the wedding your photos are loaded onto the main editing computer and the backup cards are placed in a fireproof safe until your online gallery is loaded and delivered.


Q: Do you provide wedding albums of our final images?

I work alongside a fine art, professional grade printer that helps me create timeless heirloom albums for some of my brides and grooms. It is a great way to preserve your memories in a beautiful keepsake way. This service can be added on to any package.

Q: My family is CRAZy. Can you deal with that?

Weddings are stressful and a lot of times bring out the best and the worst in the family dynamic. Before you wedding I will send you a questionnaire that will help me not only make sure I get every single shot you want, but also gives me insight into how to navigate delicate relationships and rivalries while also keeping the peace.


Fairytale FAQs


Q: where do you come up with all of your ideas?

Mostly I just look around. The world is a weird place if you ever take a second to notice.

Paul Ocean Small.jpg

q: I love your pictures, how do you create them?

There are many roads to the end of each photo and each is different. The creation process often starts with an interview with the client to see if we can figure out exactly what they may want and what purpose it will serve (art in their home, promotional piece, unique holiday card, etc). From there I create sketches and work out logistics of if it will be best to shoot on a location or in studio. Then we shoot and THEN the real works begins piecing it all together in photoshop to create a seamless, magical, piece of art.


q: I saw one of your pieces and I love it! Can you recreate it with me in the photo instead?

No. Due to the nature of each piece and the time and energy it goes into creating them I do not replicate of my pieces. I will, however, happily use the piece you love to inspire something unique just for you!

Q: How much does a unique piece of art cost?

The conception, execution, and final printed creation of each piece varies greatly. Prices range from $750-7,500 per unique piece depending on the level of difficulty, preparation, editing, contractors, time required, and preferred printing method. Most clients end up spending around $2,000 per piece.

Q: Do you provide a printed copy or just the digital file?

Depending on the agreement we strike I can include both. I have access to professional, fine art grade printers that I highly recommend using when creating a physical representation of the final creation. Some popular options include framed prints, wrapped canvases, and brushed metal wall art. The digital copy of the image will also be released to you with a print release after final payment and transferred to you electronically.

Q: Do you ever need models for your work?

Occasionally! If you are interested in creating some art together definitely feel free to reach out.

Studio FAQs


Q: Where are you located?

My studio is located in Independence Missouri and I serve the entire greater Kansas City Metro area as well as travel internationally for shoots.


That is a mystery that only God can unravel.


Q: what is the best way to contact you?

My contact form is really great because it helps me know what you are looking for at the start of the conversation. I always recommend starting there.

Q: Do you shoot anything other than weddings, boudoir, and fine art portraits?

The short answer is: no. If you are interested in family, newborn, food, commercial, beauty, etc I have a list of photographers I can recommend that will provide you with exceptional results!