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C: I could never look like the girls on your site. Are must be models!

No! These are all women who gave me written permission to share their images so that women just like you can understand how amazing they can look. Each and every one of them, just like you, were anxious and never thought they could look so incredibly amazing.

C: I need to lose weight. Like. For real.

That is the biggest pile of horse poop I have ever heard. Boudoir is not about perfection. Boudoir is about embracing exactly who you are in the moment that you are in and reclaiming your identity and your beauty as it has been created.

C: I am a big ball of awkward and have no idea how to pose!

Girl that is why you come to me. I am a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer and have posed everyone from a size 00 to a size 30 to equally stunning results! You have nothing to worry about when it comes to posing (put that copy of America’s Next Top Model down!). I will take care of you from the tippy top of your head (I am notorious for adjusting hair) down to your finger and toe tips. Ask any of my past clients: I am always tweaking the details so that you look JUST right and don’t have to think about anything!

C: Do you like ever - uh - touch me?

When it comes to posing and adjustments I may ask to touch your hair or adjust your clothing to make sure you look as perfect as possible, but I always ask first. I belevive