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***Please note that all crowns are made to order by hand in the order by which requests are received. The Twilight currently takes FOUR weeks from time of order to be completed and shipped. If you have any questions about the timing of your order, please contact us. All crowns are made of genuine quartz and thus natural variation is to be expected. Thank you for understanding.***

This is a thin tiara headband with quartz gemstones wrapped in silver wire. The Twilight is a pattern of beautiful polished blue and rainbow quartz that gives the effect of the world at the moment the sun slips over the horizon. This tiara reminds us that God created both night and day and all that happens within them (Genesis 1:1-5).


Note on Wearing: This tiara can be worn either as a traditional headband where the crystals lay flat back against the head or placed closer to the hairline with the band wrapping down towards the ears. In the later style it is recommended that you secure it with a few pins to keep it in place.

All tiaras are lined with soft felt to prevent wire snags and to provide comfort.



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