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Brave Boss Babe Testimonials


what do all these women have in common?

Well. There is more than one thing, but the two biggest things are that:

1.) They were all scared, nervous, and excited about the idea of having a boudoir shoot with me. They all had fears, concerns, hold-ups, thought their bodies weren’t perfect, didn’t think they would LOVE their photos (spoiler alert: they did LOVE them). Each of these women were believed society’s lies that just because they weren’t a super model that they did not deserve to know the power of their own beauty. Also, and most importantly they all had the following thing in common…

2.) They all booked an amazing boudoir session with me anyway!


life is short

You can either spend your entire life waiting for something amazing to happen or you can step out and take charge! You can sit back and live in regret or take control of your life and your identity! I would love to help you understand how amazingly wonderful you are JUST AS YOU ARE! But for my to do that: you have to take the plunge. You have to trust me like these women did.

Felicia B.jpg

so are you ready?

Learn more about what it means to book a boudoir session with me today by downloading my Before You Boudoir guide!